Spanish and Welsh Slate Roofing

We are a highly recommended roofing company from Essex that specialise in many roofing services. Our slate roofing service is unrivalled in the area. We have used natural and ridged slates on many homes across London, Kent and Essex. They both offer an aesthetic appeal.

Slate is a natural material, which has been used in building applications for centuries. There are many types of slate tiles to choose from and would suit both a traditional and modern look. We know the importance of getting the slate fitted perfectly so use traditional roofing methods and techniques that will ensure your slate roof lasts for many years to come. You would find that many historic and aged properties would have had slate roofs fitted because this type of roof would last a lifetime.

Our roofers have been trained to repair old properties that have had slate roofing, ensuring that they keep their traditional look while using modern materials. They can recommend ways of how to keep the roof well maintained so it looks in prestige condition at all times. Whether you wish us to use reclaimed slates or new, our roofing team will check every slate when it is unpacked to ensure that it is perfect and can withstand any weather conditions, whilst still letting you have the traditional rustic feel that goes perfectly with the character of your home.

Sometimes we may recommend an alternative slate. It will be made from a manmade fibre and will be concrete based. It will still give the appearance of a traditional slate roof that is still very strong, durable and is cheaper than natural slate tiles.

Spanish Slate

Again, this type of slate is durable and very versatile. It is pleasing to the eye and will last for many years. We are happy to give you more information about all the types of slate we supply and fit.

With over 15 years of experience in providing our customers with roofing repairs, new roofs and slate roofing services we are perfectly placed to offer you with the best service available in the area at the most affordable prices. If you have a slate roof, ridge, porch or outbuilding requiring a new or partial slate roof, then call us today for a free quotation.

Slate Roofing in Essex

Welsh Slate

This type of slate looks good and will not fade over time. It is very durable and will not be affected by extreme temperatures. If you would like this type of roof tile then you can expect it to last over 50 years.