Tile And Slate Repairs

Roof tiles and roof slates can become dislodged, broken or damaged by a number of things. The weather being one of them. High winds and heavy down pours can cause your roof tiles to corrode away and crack over time. The heat can make them expand causing them to move which means they are not protecting your roof.

It is not always possible to see this with the naked eye until you have a leak or notice that damp has started to appear on the walls inside your home. This is when you need to call a professional roofing company to come out and assess the problem and then fix it.

Essex Roofing Services are experts in this field. We have repaired many broken roof tiles and slates for over 15 years, providing a first class service with all our roofing projects.

Roof Repair in Essex

Replacing a couple of broken tiles is simple. If they are beyond repair then we can replace them with exactly the same tiles that you have on your roof. We can repair or replace concrete, clay and natural roof tiles depending on what you require with as little disruption as possible. We will dispose of any unwanted or broken tiles in a professional manner, recycling when possible.

Essex Roofing Services are leading roof repairers that are fully insured and offer a guarantee with any roofing repairs we complete.

We can help with:

  • Roof tiles that have corroded over time
  • Broken tiles that have been damaged by bad weather conditions
  • Nail corrosion – preventing the tiles being kept in place
  • Verge repointing

Slate is completely natural, fireproof and waterproof making it a good choice with our Essex customers. Even if you need small repairs carried out, your slate roof will last for years to come.

We are available to carry out our roof tile and slate repair services throughout the whole of Essex at competitive prices.