Ridge Tile Repointing/Replacement

Essex Roofing Services boasts no less than 15 years of quality and reliability within this constantly evolving sector. As a result, we are your go-to source when nothing but the best will suffice.

We are particularly pleased to be able to offer you a number of regular maintenance services. One example can be seen in our expert ability to repoint and/or replace existing ridge tiles. Why is this a very important aspect of our profession and what can you expect when working with our team of trained roofers?

New Tiles and Dry Ridge

The Basics of Repointing

Roof pointing is a secondary layer, which helps to cover the peaks of a structure. As the name already suggests, these “points” are intended to protect the underlying layers (known as the “bedding”) against dust, water and other elements. This section has to endure harsh weather conditions and as a result, the mortar which holds it in place can crack or weather with time. This is actually one of the most common causes of damage and if left untreated, your home will directly suffer as a result.

The process of repointing essentially involves replacing the underlying mortar with a more flexible material and if necessary, replacing the points themselves. The main advantage of this modern approach is that the points will be able to stand up to challenging weather conditions while simultaneously protecting the underlying materials. This is also the reason why a roof should be repointed once every ten years (or as conditions dictate).

During the first consultation, our technicians will arrive at your property and determine the steps that need to be taken. We intend to keep you “in the loop” during the entire project, so there will be no hidden or unpleasant surprises along the way. If we encounter other problems in relation to the roof, we will make these known so that you can take the appropriate actions.

The Bespoke Approach Offered Through Essex Roofing Services

Our attention to detail ensures that you will be receiving quality work at amenable prices. Whether referring to repointing needs or entire replacements, the fact of the matter is that we aim to please. If you require more details, we encourage you to contact us at your convenience.