Ridge Tile Roofing System

Ridge tiles can become loose over time and even come away from the roof altogether when the weather is bad. If this was to happen, then we can supply and fit new ridge tiles or re-bed and repoint existing tiles if they are in good condition.

You can choose from a wide range of round ridge & hip tiles as well as angled tiles and then choose whether you would prefer concrete ridge tiles or clay ridge tiles.

Ridge Tile Re-pointing

Verge Tiles

Verge tiles are often prone to damage, as they are usual exposed to the bad weather that we get. If you notice something wrong with your roof, then the usual course of action would be to remove the tiles and inspect them for damage.

We will remove the existing mortar and under cloaks and then re-place the tiles (depending on condition) onto new under cloaks and mortar.

Dry Verge

Dry verges are becoming more popular with many roofing companies. This is because the dry verges eliminate the need for mortar as they hold the verge tiles in place instead. Both interlock with each other and are held in place with fixings.

Mortar has its disadvantages, one being it durability. Over time, it will deteriorate and will begin to crack. That is when you will start to have problems with your roof so we find dry verges are a great alternative. We would use a similar system for ridge and hip tiles.