Loft Insulation And Boarding


As we all know, heat rises so if you have not had your loft insulated then you will lose 30% of the heat in your home. This could be why your heating bills increase by a lot in the winter months. Luckily enough, there is a solution.

You will save money on your heating bills just by having your loft insulated. It is a very popular service that we carry out quite often because it is affordable and beneficial to most homeowners. Another advantage is, in the summer months, the insulation will keep the heat out.

Essex Roofing Services can insulate your roof space as long as there are no issues with damp and condensation. We can carry out a free survey on your loft before we start any work to ensure there are no problems.

Once our loft installation fitters have completed this work, it will last for many years, making it a very good investment. We will insulate your loft to the government regulations. We are all fully trained and qualified to the highest of standards.

It will only take a day to insulate your loft. We can supply and fit the recommended insulation under the floorboards and in the roof joists. This will protect your belongings from any falling debris and dust.  Any materials we do not use will be taken away when we leave.

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Loft Insulation and Boarding

If you are looking at ways to increase the amount of storage space you have in your home, then we can help. We can lay boards on top of the beams in your loft not only to make it safe for you to walk on but to give you somewhere to store all your belonging that you do not use but want to keep.

You could board out your loft yourself, but how do you know you are doing it professionally? You will have to carry the boards up into your loft yourself. Then you will have to watch out for any cables that you may have in your loft. It can really be a tricky job if you are on your own. So let us, the professionals do it for you.

We work as a team to ensure your loft is boarded out properly using the best materials that will be safe and last for many years. We will use tongue and grooved, high-density loft boarding. When we lay this, we will leave gaps underneath the boards. This will stop condensation forming. We can normally lay the floor boards anywhere in your loft. It will take about a day to board out your loft. It may be a good idea to empty your loft before we carry out this service.

If you would like to hear more about our roof and loft insulations services, then please contact Essex Roofing Services today.